Jacket, Studs and The Blues




Jacket: Forever 21

Sandals: Bata

Polka dot Tunic: Thrifted

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I have a very active imagination. It can be a good thing, sometimes, but mostly it makes me a paranoid over-analyzing person.

While travelling I stumbled upon this beautiful location, a garden, set upon a hill, in the middle of which stood this ancient haunted looking fort. Combine this with the cold rainy day, and already my brain was churning. Hence, standing in front of a semi open door, had me paranoid the entire time about creepy charred long dark hands extending from behind the door and pulling me inside.

I have issues. I think we would all agree on that.

Coming to the outfit, I always tend to dress according to my mood and what I am going to be doing that day. The cold wet weather had me feeling a little blue and hence the all blue outfit, styled for comfort. I layered a polka dot tunic with one of my favorite denim jackets and added a blue flannel shirt around the waist to keep it interesting and give the whole ensemble a more feminine shape.

As promised, here is my two pennies worth. Okay, maybe only one pennies worth in this case.

I stood beneath an angry sky,

A fort behind me in case I needed cover,

When from inside the walls peeked a figure,

in a red Ellie Saab gown she seemed to hover.


Looking down upon me, her eyes boring through,

“I am the dead one, yet you are the one so blue!

you call yourself a style blogger, but  honey, you don’t seem to have much clue.


Write about me, let me be your muse,

For god knows, my help you could use,


I don’t wear a white sari ,this gown is just one of the many you should praise,

I don’t let my dark hair fall all over my face,

For why would I want to hide my wrinkle-less unaged exoticism from gaze,


I don’t like being herded into a cliché, 

labels are for clothes, not for you and me in anyway.”

With that, she turned and walked away,

I was left dumbfounded, not a word able to say.


She was graceful, she was beautiful, she was unique,

Its how every girl should view herself, then why on earth shouldn’t she?

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