DIY Crop top with knot, in less than 5 minutes

DIY crop top in under 5 minutes

Hi Guys!I had a little free time, so I did a quick DIY. I love crop tops, and I made my version of the crop top with a knot, using a loose T-shirt that I didn’t care for too much. This took me literally 5 minutes to do and at the end of it, I had a cool new crop top.

Let me list out why you need to try this DIY.


1. You get a new crop top . Hurray!

2. A T shirt that wasn’t being used, is now a key player in your wardrobe.

3. You can make it in 5 minutes.

4. You can keep the length of the crop top according to your liking, and you don’t have to worry about it being too short.

5. You don’t have to keep rushing to to buy cool new crop tops.

6. You can say you made it! You’re a designer now!


1. Now you need to control your tendencies to hog on food, whenever you do decide to wear it. This problem can be solved by wearing it with loose high waisted pants or a skirt. (Hurray!)

2. Nope, I can’t think of any other disadvantage. That’s about it!

If I have not yet convinced you to do this DIY , please check out the end result, and I am sure it will change your mind!


DIY Crop Top
DIY Crop Top with knot in under 5 minutes.
Crop Top and Tulle skirt
I am loving the Mirror effect nowadays. It satisfies my fantasies of having a twin sister!

DIY Crop Top DIY crop top in under 5 minutes I paired my crop top with my long black tulle skirt, which I had made a while back! I absolutely love how the femininity of the skirt is balanced by the chicness and masculine shape of the crop top.

There are a thousand other kinds of crop tops which you can do, like the one’s done in this video

Also, lets address the elephant in the room(pun intended).Yes! I have gained a little weight(ok, maybe not so little ).I have been drowning myself in food paradise, which you would be well aware of, if you follow me on instagram. So sadly, I am chubby now . Need to workout! Any tips for inspiration?

FYI My Instagram handle: muggle_fashion


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    1. Hi Vaishnavi! This skirt tutorial is a little complicated, and difficult to explain properly, just via written instruction.I plan to start vlogging after some time, so I am thinking I will make a tutorial on it then!But I will do it soon!Thanks for the feedback!

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