What to wear to The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Cream Silk Saree with Green and gold border

The first wedding in your friend circle is always a memorable affair. It’s the first wedding that specifically you, are invited to and want to attend. Before this the only weddings attended by you are the ones you are invited to as the daughter/son of your parents, and one of the main reasons you attend the wedding is that you have a purpose. The purpose being, hogging on the food as if the happiness of the newly wed couple depended on the amount you ate. I, for one, admit to returning to every stall for more helpings till the waiter/cook started giving me dirty looks and looking at me judgmentally , and then I would return the dirty look , grab my pasta and scoot back to a comfortable spot where I could kick off my heels and eat in peace.

That, in no way means, that I made an exception and compromised on food at my friend’s wedding. It was a marwari wedding and the food was top notch.  Also, weddings give you an occasion to don traditional indian wear , like sarees and lehengas, and flexibility to mould it to suit your personal style, something restricted to your farewell and freshers prior to this.

The Engagement: Blue Anarkali Suit

The engagement ceremony was held the day before the wedding in the morning. I decided to wear a blue anarkali suit for the engagement with work around the neck, but nothing too heavy.

Funny story associated with the suit. So the ceremony was going to start, and everybody was already at the venue and I was still in my room trying to get the zipper to zip up. It made me realise that, sitting on my ass all day, for the past few months hadn’t being doing me any favours in terms of my weight. I think I did more yoga that day, twisting and turning so that it somehow zipped up, than I did all year. Finally, my friend’s mother, the bride-to-be’s mother, happened to come by looking for the bride ( The wedding photographer had whisked her away, to take a few cliche photos with flowers et ol . You get the picture.), and I sucked my breath in as she tried to zip me up, simultaneously  praying that I would not suffer a wardrobe malfunction, as I had nothing else to wear. It worked out in the end, in case you guys were holding your breath in suspense. It somehow zipped up. Hurray!

Pink and Orange Lehenga
Me with the beautiful bride

Blue Anarkali SuitBlue Anarkali Suit

The Sangeet : The cream colored silk saree with green and gold border

I bought this beautiful cream colored silk zari weaved sari with green and gold border from Hyderabad. So, I paired it with some traditional gold jewellery, to achieve the simple yet sophisticated sari look reminiscent of South Indian dressing.

Cream Silk Saree with Green and gold border Cream Silk Saree with Green and gold border

Cream Silk Saree with Green and gold border

The Wedding: Royal Blue sari with Kundan work

The wedding took place the next day in the afternoon. It is so amazing to see someone you know, who has a maturity level equal to yours, if not lesser (:-P) , get married. Marriage is like something, you always felt you would get into, when you are ready to take on that kind of responsibility, and when you have the capability to take sensible decisions. But suddenly, one day it hits you that you fall in the age group where people all around you are getting married, yet you can’t still be trusted to cross the road on your own in one piece and the relief that it’s not you in those wedding shoes makes you hit the dance floor, to celebrate your short lived happiness.

Blue Georgette Sari
I decided to wear a blue georgette sari with a collared blouse to the wedding. As the sari in itself has heavy kundan work, I decided to keep the jewellery minimal and wore gold jhumkas to go with the sari.

Blue Georgette Sari

blue georgette sari

cream lehenga Nath Wedding
The bride’s parents: The picture was too beautiful to be excluded from the post. Also, I am in love with auntie’s jewellery and lehenga.

What made the wedding an extremely beautiful affair was the feeling of love, and happiness so apparent in the eyes of the bride and the groom, and the pride and joy on the faces of the bride’s parents. I would have attended the wedding just to be a part of this beautiful feeling, even in the absence of the amazing food.(If you know me, that’s saying a lot).

I am aware that this is only the start to many more friend’s weddings to attend, to many more tears to shed, to many more dirty looks between me and the catering staff, to many more excuses to wear fabulous indian wear. So to that I say, “Abhi to party shuru hui hai“.

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    1. Oh Nice!!Where is the wedding? I can help you out if you give me a little more details!! But no matter what wedding you going to, a silk saree would always work. Also, Welcome to India! It can be quite overwhelming! 😀

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