What To Wear! Casual Day Time Look


Let me start this article with a story.

Once upon a time there was a girl . Lets call the girl Muggle. Muggle had gotten into a relationship early on in her teenage years. She spend all her free time in this relationship. Slowly, as the years passed by and she rolled into her early twenties, like what happens in most unhealthy relationships, she started to lose interest, and her attention started deviating elsewhere and she started exploring her options. Alas, every time this old relationship kept pulling her back. After much back and forth, she realised while her love would never die, she needed to take a break from time to time and find joy in other things and hence, having established a balance, she lived happily ever after.

This was the story of me and my relationship with my denim jeans. I’m no story writer, and I’m not hoping to earn any awards for the above masterpiece, but appreciation is always welcome.(Insert awkward smiley)

While wearing denim is a reliable option when stepping out of the house, be it a day of catching up with friends, shopping or a lunch date, sometimes we get too comfortable in our lived-in (literally) jeans , and forget that like all successful relationships, both our jeans and us, need a break from each other .

So, I bring to you 2 of my jeans/ denim alternate looks, that are both bright and subtle at the same time, meant for a comfortable day out. These can translate into low key looks in case you plan to go out shopping, or more sophisticated looks in case you are heading to lunch with friends, or an event during the day.


What To Wear

Besides these, there are many other options you can explore like skirts, rompers, Co-Ords etc.  The options go as far as your imagination will take you. So go ahead, strike up a new love- affair, and give those denims a break.

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  1. I love your fashion blogs.. Great fashion advices.. You looks absolutely gorgeous whatever the fashion maybe.. :)

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