Outfit of the Day: Comfortable vacation wear

white croptop

This was a sunny breezy day amidst mountains and it called for a laid back outfit. I am absolutely in love with this  whimsical white blouse . I paired it with these asymmetric pants which gives the outfit a little edge. This makes for really comfortable vacation wear and has that vibe that almost makes me want to join a yoga class. Where do I sign up?

So I have been in this introspective zone lately and that really has let my mind drift as far as Narnia. Prepare for the rambling coming up in the next paragraph.

So Gautama Buddha once said that “Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.” and If Buddha himself said it, girl you better believe it because I don’t think he had time for frolicking. So I have been wondering that if peace comes from within, why do people always travel in search of it, far and beyond. Does that really bring them peace? Also, didn’t Buddha himself do a lot of travelling in his day?

I am no philosopher but my theory is that being around places that haven’t been disrupted completely by mankind, places which are still somewhat left as how god created them, makes us connect with who we really are as humans, who we are meant to be. It brings out the essence of being human in one way, and when we can be ourselves or are more in touch with our soul, we achieve peace. So while peace does come from within, travelling makes it an easier process. I guess? What do you think?

Oufit Details

Outfit: Nihao Fashion

Neck Piece: Forever 21

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Picture Credits : Sitanshu Pani

3 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Comfortable vacation wear

  1. Firstly, I must say I really LOVE this flowy ootd of yours. Those pants are really unique looking and the place where you had this shoot is just so stunning with the tall sunflowers which I am a fan of. I love that they’re in your background. Of course, you are a sight too and your thoughts about the Buddha quote made me pause to think. I believe that the statement can be taken as that no matter where you are in life, what your external or internal situation is, realize that PEACE is within. You can notice that yourself in reality. For instance, in moments of outside chaos, sometimes, we reconnect with the peace within us that will help create solutions. In contrast, there are moments of utter external peace that eludes a very busy mind so that one can be in the most beautiful serene place and yet the mind is entangled in thought and no peace is to be found. Heheh, sorry for one giant essay. Hope you are doing well there, Deepika! Take good care and post more, if you can <3 xoxo

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